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We are located in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy and the core area that gathers Italian high-end furniture manufacturing factories. Such a wealth of fashion resources have given us a steady stream of design inspiration.
It is our passion to constantly pursue fresh inspiration. Our designers continually search for the most compelling design styles and highest quality of materials available. Hours of extensive market research allow us to create each design specific to your target market. We take pride in our work ethic, our eye for innovative designs, and our commitment to our clients.
We create designs in a collaborative environment enabling us to deliver the client’s ultimate vision. Our designs are current, yet still possess a timeless style generating broad market appeal. Our reputation for outstanding service and our innovative design style creates an extremely successful partnership with our clients.


Our designs are current


Ben Chiu
Their design style is fashionable, the designer katy communicated with us very patiently, helped us match furniture and decorations in the way we liked, a pleasant exchange, and now we like our home very much.
A pleasant experience, from customer to friend                                                  
Their choice of materials and color matching is very comfortable                                                
Emily Mintz
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